The Solarion Project

The Solarion Project is currently an in-development game using the Unity engine. Though the game is still in the planning stages, a lot of artwork has been developed and a clear image of what the game will include has been decided.

You will be the captain of a ship, which you inherited from your estranged father. With your all female crew will travel the stars completing jobs for others, and most importantly, getting paid! Upgrade your ship, your weapons for yourself and your crew, but just make sure you keep the ship running!

But as you progress you may soon realise, your father was no ordinary transport ship captain, and now you are being hunted by a group of agents. You don't know what they want with you, but you know it can't be good.

Unlock additional crew members, all of whom you'll be able to pursue a romantic interest with, where each one will have their own deep personality.

The end goal is to allow a truly customisable character. Pick your gender, your height, looks etc.

Imagine the story and deep characters of Mass Effect, with a lot more adult content, a point and click style interface and a fun strategic mission system and interface! That's the end goal for The Solarion Project.